Springhouse - From Now To OK [CD LP]

$ 15.00

Deluxe Bruce Licher design, limited edition numbered 500 copies letterpress discfolio cd art package. The long awaited third album, released 2008. Price includes postage.

For their first album in 15 years Springhouse (Mitch Friedland guitar/vocals, Larry Heinemann bass/producer, Jack Rabid drums, lead vocals on one song) have eschewed convention and not distilled their prior two LPs into a new package and offered it up as a revelation. Quite the opposite, actually, as the band has boldly taken a new direction in the form of From Now To OK, their new acoustic-minded, orchestral pop masterpiece out on Independent Projects Records. While the sounds of the dream-pop masterpieces Land Falls and Postcards From the Artic on Caroline Records have evolved in favor of a more organic, crisp sound, their exuberant playing, highly evolved arrangements and obvious love of a tune to die for remains their calling card. The sound may be different but no less satisfying, as it’s clear the band still writes songs that are infused with warmth, longing, bittersweet regret, and the excitement of new beginnings. Welcome back Springhouse...