Springhouse - Postcards From The Arctic [CD LP]

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1993 Second LP on Caroline Records. Delusions of Adequacy "Unappreciated Album of the Month" 8/1/02: "The music of Springhouse has often been compared to British contemporaries such as The Chameleons and Kitchens of Distinction, with hints of The Smiths and Catherine Wheel thrown in. Focused around a lush layering of guitars run through a variety of effects, the sound of Springhouse clearly had a shoegazer feel. But unlike the more swirling, cascading sounds of a band like My Bloody Valentine, Springhouse instead used those layered, textured guitar songs as the framework of pop songs, putting an emphasis as well on rhythm and vocals and not getting lost in what their guitars could do. It's those vocals, provided by all three members of the band at times but predominantly Friedland, coupled with the band's layered yet pristine guitarwork, that give the band such a unique and powerful feel. From the opening shimmering waves of guitars on "Asphalt Angels" that seem to part to make way from Friedland's laid back and slightly ethereal vocals, you get the sense that this band is taking the British shoegazer sound in their own unique direction."

NOTE: In the mid-1990s this CD went out of print, and our current "stock" has been procured from used bins and the internet, mindful of quality of the disc and packaging. While supplies last!