Springhouse - Land Falls

$ 16.99

1991 First LP on Caroline Records: NEW YORK TIMES: “The melodies are pretty and wistful, the sentiments are dizzying and sad; Springhouse captures and holds onto a fleeting sense of melancholy.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “I kept looking around for the second guitar, until I realized it was simply the deft interplay between Friedland and Heinemann that was creating those phantom tones. In an underground music music scene increasingly dominated by noise and nihilism, Springhouse is that rare beacon of mystery and beauty.” CRAMPED – Pick of the Month: “OK I don’t say this often and maybe I’ve only said it three or four times in my life but Springhouse’s Land Falls does not have one bad song on it” ROLLING STONE (MICHAEL AZERRAD): "Dominated by Friedland's heavily processed acoustic guitar, the group's lushly melodic debut, Land Falls, does have a curiously refreshing quality."

NOTE: In the mid-1990s, this CD went out of print and our current "stock" has been procured from used bins and the internet, mindful of quality of the disc and packaging. While supplies last!