EDP - Next Stop Bleaker Street [CD LP]

$ 10.00

Led by Brooklyn Police Seargeant Carl Carrara, EDP is a driving, raw rock-punk-garage-mod outfit hailing from New York City. In this climate of superficial, over-hyped music from the Big Apple, EDP stands as an authentic burst of rock 'n roll energy that takes the best influences from the last four decades and combines them with a 21st-century vitality: the catchy pop sensibilities and songwriting of the British Invasion, the volatility, wit, and DIY ethos of 1970s punk, the frenetic and tireless rhythmic punch of both '60s psych and '80s post-punk, and a soulful, tongue-in-cheek lyrical bend inspired by living real lives in the reality of a New York City lacking the pampered lifestyle of the average indie-rock hipster. One can glimpse these influences through volatile covers of the Rezillos, the Ruts, the Young Canadians, and the Jam, to name but a few, that frequently surface at EDP gigs. The band is poised to convert the punters to its punchy brand of rock 'n roll with the new CD entitled NEXT STOP: BLEAKER STREET, replete with the hook-laden wordplay and power. Includes Last Burning Embers leader Dave Burokas on bass.