Big Takeover: Issue No. 62 2008

$ 6.00

INTERVIEWS: R.E.M (cover), Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten, New Pornographers Pt. 2, Band Og Horses/ Grand Archives, Nada Surf, Stephen Malkamus & The Jicks (Pavement), Ray Davies (Kinks), The Pointed Sticks Pt.2 , 1977 L.A. Punks The Flyboys, Paul Haig Of Josef K, Rock Writer V. Vale (Search & Destroy, RE/ Search), Top 50 Reggae LPS. Pt. 1, British Sea Power, My Morning Jacket, Built To Spill, Radar Bros., Kelley Stoltz, Nardwuar The Human Serviette/ Evaparators, The Trolleyvox, Helvetia, The Carter Administration, Awesome Color: Editorials: Rabid: "I'm A Dad: Musings" Ackerman: "Big Bang?" Somer: "A Few Words About Hawkwind" and R.I.P Klaus Dinger Of NEU!