Big Takeover: Issue 60 2007

$ 7.50

INTERVIEWS: Shins (cover), Decemberists (Pt. 2), Bright Eyes, Dinosaur Jr./Sebadoh, Voxtrot, Don McGlashan (Mutton Birds), Jello Biafra (Pt. 2), The Sound, Modernettes, Hilton Valentine (Animals Pt. 2), Libertines U.S., Quarrymen (Pre-Beatles), Ted Leo, Can, Jesse Sykes, Secret Shine, Dion & The Belmonts, Frames, English Beat, Stellastarr*, Chelsea, Copeland, Sammies (Morisen Records), PLUS: Rabid: Death Of The LP? (& The History Of Music Formats) * Ackerman: Farewell, James Brown * Sommer: Don Imus & The Virginia Tech Tragedy. 224 pages.