Big Takeover: Issue 48 2001

$ 7.50

Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard (cover), Idlewild, Doves, Tobin Sprout, Mojave 3, Idaho, Richard Thompson, Alternative T.V.'s Mark Perry, '60s legends The Creation, Aussies Celibate Rifles, Died Pretty & New Christs, '60s/'70s star Emitt Rhodes, Glide: William Arthur (R.I.P.), The Slits, Pt. 2, The Screamers’ Tomata du Plenty (R.I.P.), Pt. 2, Down By Law's Dave Smalley, Pt. 2, Low, Rocket From the Crypt, Presidents (of the U.S.A.), Lilys, Unwound, Superdrag, Spoon, Ryan Adams, Chamber Strings, Tram, Longwave, and Ken Sharp. Plus: History of Big T Pt. 2, 1981-82, and "Why Napster Deserved to Lose." 288 pages! Our biggest ever!