Even Worse - You've Ruined Everything [CD LP]

$ 13.99

Studio recording from 1982, plus bonus live concert from Max's Kansas City, recorded 1981. Featuring drummer and Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid, originally formed in 1980. This is the only available recording of this now legendary (in their own minds) punk rock original. Jack Rabid has often stated that his greatest musical regret was that the old, original-era-punk rock band Even Worse he was a member of split up in March of 1982, before it could release the LP it had just recorded then. Now, he and his former bandmates R.B. KORBET (vocals), BOBBY WEEKS (guitar) and ERIC KEIL (bass) are proud to announce the release of that very 13-song LP, nearly-exactly two decades later—now fleshed out to a full-scale retrospective with the inclusion of Jack’s long and detailed liner notes, R.B.’s painstaking layout of the 16-page booklet (including dozens of flyers, photos, and artifacts contributed by all four from the dusty boxes in their attics/storage/beds!), and the bonus inclusion of a complete concert right from the board at New York’s legendary Max’s Kansas City club, August 27, 1981.