Non-Linear Thinkers - Schoolin' The Rock School [CD LP]

$ 10.00

Never mind Jack Black and the so-called School of Rock now playing NYC clubs! The Non-Linear Thinkers are a group of inner-city teens from a Newark, NJ, high school, who have taken a crash course in punk and post-punk taught by their Latin teacher. They’re former novices who now are a volatile rock band ready to give the worlds of mall-punk and faux-bohemianism a swift kick. On this debut CD, they formidably cover tunes from the Ruts, XTC, Radio Birdman, the Effigies, Mission of Burma, the Comsat Angels, the Rich Kids, Magazine, Stiff Little Fingers, The Newtown Neurotics, the Undertones, and more, played with youthful passion by kids who rarely get to hear this kind of music. All proceeds go to support the school.