Big Takeover: Issue 63 2008

$ 7.50

INTERVIEWS: Death Cab For Cutie (on the cover), Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten, pt. 2, Fleet Foxes, Spiritualized, Sloan, Feelies, Devo, The Zombies (Chris White & Hugh Grundy), Top 50 Reggae LPs Ever, Pt. 2! Rock Writer V. Vale (Search & Destroy, RE/Search), Pt. 2, Band of Holy Joy, Mudhoney, MGMT, Calexico, Deerhunter, Dropsonic, Everest, Frightened Rabbit, Joey Cape/Lagwagon, Jealous Girlfriends, Jason Ringenberg, Corleone Records, PLUS: Rabid: Goodbye George Bush, Hello Financial Crisis; Where is the Angry Right? * Ackerman: Record Industry Bust and the Baby Boomers * Sommer: The Rich Kids, The Professionals, PiL, and the Lost Legacy Of The Sex Pistols